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Eyes wide open – insights into better care from analysis of Hospital Acquired Complications

Dr Philip Hoyle Safety and quality
4 Visual Costing Analysis Mr Col Roberts Data, analytics and benchmarking
5 How to be heard by IHPA: tips on producing an effective submission to inform the pricing process Mr Alex Lynch Pricing and funding
6 Clincal Costing Methods and Approaches Mr Kevin Ratcliffe Costing
7 Alternative costing and care model for DRG’s AO6A and AO6B saves 40% of the cost Mr Patrik Hutzel Costing
9 Clinical Documentation Improvement and patient safety Ms Kathy Wilton Safety and quality
10 Assessing data quality in the Activity based funding mental health data collection Ms Alix Higgins, Mrs Susan Claessen Data, analytics and benchmarking
12 The journey from Diagnostic Related Group (DRG) facilitators to Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) Analysts: using data to find the opportunities and develop clinician engagement. Ms Jeanette Atkins, Mrs Laura Calleja Coding and documentation
13 Integrating Incident and Accident Data into your Costing System: to use or not to use with physicians Prof Pierre Gagne, Mr Nigel Michell, Mr Marc Hyndman Safety and quality
14 Can quality of care really be known using administrative data? Dr Patrick McElduff, Ms Deniza Mazevska, Mr Jim Pearse, A/Prof Arthur Richardson, A/Prof Gary Morgan Coding and documentation
16 Exceptional Patients Mr Kevin Ratcliffe, Dr Diane Caney, Dr John Marrone Data, analytics and benchmarking

The cost, value and outcomes of phase of care in Australia's specialised public sector mental health services

Prof Philip Burgess, Dr Tim Coombs, A/Prof Meredith Harris, Ms Rosemary Dickson Data, analytics and benchmarking
20 Privacy: a comparison of GDPR and Australia's Data Privacy rules - tools for good project and business management. Ms Cliona O'Donovan Data, analytics and benchmarking
21 Driving Better Data through Province-wide Integration Mr André Loiselle Data, analytics and benchmarking
22 Auditing the Past, Improving the Present and Planning for the Future Mrs Cassandra Rupnik Coding and documentation
23 Economics is your friend- the use of economics to support value based healthcare Ms Liz Hay, Mr Mahendra Sharan, Mr Ansari jainullabudeen Value-based care
24 Real-world data analysis to evaluate opportunities for hospital efficiencies for Total Knee Arthroplasty Dr John Radovanovic, Ms Geethu Roshan Verghese, Ms Michelle Costa, Ms Bourcet Anh Data, analytics and benchmarking
25 Delivering Outcomes: Clinician documentation Improvement Project Mr Dominic Dawson, Mrs Julia Earnshaw, Ms Neeta Ward, Ms Mervat Dawoud, Ms Valerie Jovanovic Coding and documentation
27 The collaborative approach to counting, coding and costing Mrs Lisa Mill Activity-based management
28 What a difference a day makes - The impact of bundled ICU pricing for newborns Mr Stuart Bowhay Pricing and funding
29 The development of the Australian National Aged Care Classification (AN-ACC). Prof Kathy Eagar, Ms Jenny McNamee, A/Prof Rob Gordon Classifications

HealthLinks Chronic Care: A flexible funding model enabling higher value healthcare.

Ms Tanya Sewards, Ms Rosa Rocca, Ms Denise Ferrier Value-based care
31 Effective visualisation using cost data as an example Mr Owen Cho Data, analytics and benchmarking
32 The Clinical Documentation Evaluation Tool (CDET) - Adding value Mr Dominic Dawson, Mr William Ericksson, Mrs Julia Earnshaw Data, analytics and benchmarking
33 Navigating the Blurry Waters of Defining Costing Methodology Amidst a Major Healthcare System Overhaul in the Province of Quebec (Canada) Miss May Lissa Ollivier Costing

Leveraging Hadoop for preparing the NHCDC cost data

Mr Andy Yang Data, analytics and benchmarking

Australian Teaching and Training Classification Data Analysis.

Miss Jenny Shao, Mrs Susan Claessen Classifications

Clearing the fog of Theatre Utilisation: Cataract Surgery Benchmarking

Ms Jennie Pares, Mr John Marshall Data, analytics and benchmarking

Australian Emergency Care Classification (AECC) version 1.0

Ms Lauren Jones, Ms Deniza Mazevska, Mr Jim Pearse, Mr Joel Tuccia, Mr James Katte Classifications

Funding gap in acute care treatment costs for patients with traumatic spinal cord injury in New South Wales, Australia

Mr Bharat Vaikuntam, Prof James Middleton, Dr Patrick McElduff, A/Prof John Walsh AM, Mr Jim Pearse, Prof Luke Connelly, Dr Lisa Sharwood Pricing and funding

Modelling the relationship between a defined funding value and the ability to deliver against access performance targets

Mrs Helen Rizzoli Activity-based management

Complexity in the Australian Emergency Care Classification (AECC)

Mr Jim Pearse, Ms Deniza Mazevska, Mr Joel Tuccia, Ms Lauren Jones, Mr James Katte Classifications

Understanding the Funding Model - A perspective from Health Services in two states

Mr Stephen Cole, Mr Ronald Ma Pricing and funding

A pilot study of Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) practices in Australia

Ms Gowri Sriraman, Ms Vaidehi Bhatt, Ms Naomi Johnson, Dr Kerryn Butler-Henderson' Coding and documentation

National Costing Study- A Step Forward for Croatia

Dr Karolina Kalanj, Prof Stjepan Oreskovic, Prof Danijela Rabar, Mr Rade Bosnjak, Mrs Marija Buhac Costing

Australian Hospital Patient Costing Standards version 4.0

Ms Julia Hume Costing

Private Sector: National Hospital Cost Data Collection

Ms Julia Hume, Ms Iman Mehdi Costing

Supply induced demand (SID) vs. Lots of sick folks - the debate of cost increases with the advent of new hospitals

Mr Daniel Erasmus Data, analytics and benchmarking

Value Based Contracting - Emerging Actuarial techniques 

Mr Daniel Erasmus Value-based care

Incorporating patient reported outcome measures into activity based funding systems 

Prof Andrew Street Activity-based management