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Activity Based Funding Conference

4 – 6 May 2022 | Hybrid event

About the Independent Hospital Pricing Authority

The Independent Hospital Pricing Authority (IHPA) was established under the National Health Reform Act 2011 to contribute to significant reforms to improve Australian public hospitals. A vital component of these reforms is the implementation of activity based funding (ABF) for Australian public hospitals.

IHPA works with all Australian governments to implement ABF throughout the national healthcare system.

Our vision is to design pricing systems that promote safe, efficient public hospital care for all Australians.

Visit our website for more information about who we are and what we do.

About activity based funding

Activity based funding (ABF) is a way of funding public hospitals whereby they are paid for the number and mix of patients they treat. If a hospital treats more patients, it receives more funding. ABF takes into account the fact that some patients are more complicated to treat than others.

ABF uses national classifications, cost weights, and nationally efficient prices to determine the amount of funding for each activity or service.

It enables efficiency comparisons between hospitals and allows system and hospital managers to identify inefficient practices, manage costs and optimise resource allocation.

IHPA is committed to delivering educational programs on ABF to ensure that there are continuing opportunities for engagement and professional development.

Since 2013, IHPA's Activity Based Funding Conference series has become the conference of choice for public discourse on the application of ABF in Australian hospitals.

Hybrid conference

What to expect

For the first time, IHPA is delivering its flagship conference with both in-person and virtual options for delegates – creating a flexible, accessible and unique hybrid experience.

In 2022, you will have a variety of opportunities to explore the conference theme ‘Innovation and collaboration: Activity based funding for sustainability in health care’ in a way that suits you best, wherever you are.


  • Three days in Brisbane, Australia
  • Immersive experiences, including exclusive in-person opportunities
  • Social activities and entertainment
  • Face-to-face networking


  • A dedicated virtual portal, accessible to both local and international professionals
  • On-demand resources
  • Participate live remotely
  • Virtual networking options
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Past conferences

Activity Based Funding Conference 2021

IHPA hosted its eighth Activity Based Funding Conference from Wednesday 5 to Friday 7 May 2021.

Delivered digitally for the first time, the three-day program drew on the highly regarded format from previous years, with some additional unique opportunities fit for the virtual environment.

IHPA was thrilled to have 2,171 delegates join from around the world to learn more about how health care is funded in Australia and internationally, from 47 speakers who shared their technical expertise, insights and personal experiences under the conference theme: 'Activity based funding into the future: Responsive. Relevant. Reliable.'

The 2021 theme offered delegates an opportunity to reflect on the past decade since activity based funding was introduced, with a forward view to considering the objectives of the new Addendum to the National Health Reform Agreement 2020–25.

Video recordings

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Visual storytelling illustrations

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Activity Based Funding Conference 2019

Date: 13 – 15 May 2019

Location: Melbourne, Victoria

Theme: Activity Based Funding: Cost, value and outcomes

Keynote speakers

  • Professor Christine Bennett AO, The University of Notre Dame (Australia)
  • Professor Andrew Street, The London School of Economics and Political Science (UK)
  • Dr Jason Sutherland, University of British Columbia (Canada)

Activity Based Funding Conference / 33rd Patient Classification Systems International Conference 2017

Date: 9 – 14 October 2017

Location: Sydney, New South Wales

Theme: Advancing value based health care

Keynote speakers

  • Dr Zeynep Or, Institute for Research and Information in Health Economics (France)
  • Professor James Harrison, World Health Organisation (Australia)
  • Professor Shinya Matsuda, University of Occupational and Environmental Health Hospital (Japan)
  • Mark Sonneborn, Minnesota Hospital Association (USA)

Activity Based Funding Conference 2016

Date: 9 – 11 May 2016

Location: Brisbane, Queensland

Theme: Future directions for Activity Based Funding

Keynote speakers

  • Stuart Guterman, Senior Scholar in Residence, AcademyHealth (USA)
  • Dr Frank Heimig, Managing Director, inEK GmbH (Germany)
  • Rob Anderson, Director, Activity Based Management Reform, WA Health (Australia)
  • Mark Cormack, Deputy Secretary, Strategic Policy and Innovation, Commonwealth Department of Health (Australia)
  • Dr Myles Cover, Technical Manager, Hospital Costing, Independent Hospital Pricing Authority (Australia)
  • Toni Cunningham, Senior Director, Purchasing and Funding, QLD Health (Australia)

Activity Based Funding Conference 2015

Date: 27 – 29 May 2015

Location: Adelaide, South Australia

Theme: Driving transparency and efficiency in Australian hospitals

Keynote speakers

  • Dr Diane Watson, Chief Executive Officer, National Health Performance Authority (Australia)
  • Prof. Keith Willett, Director, Acute Episodes of Care, National Health Service (UK)
  • Dr Sule Calikoglu, Deputy Director, Research and Methodology Health Services Cost and Review Commission (USA)
  • Jenny Browne, Chief Financial Officer, Northern Adelaide Local Health Network, SA Health (Australia)
  • Dr Robert Herkes, Clinical Director, Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (Australia)

Activity Based Funding Conference 2014

Date: 23 – 25 June 2014

Location: Melbourne, Victoria

Theme: Implementing Activity Based Funding at the hospital level

Keynote speakers

  • Dr Michael Wilke, Managing Director, inspiring-health GmbH (Germany)
  • Shane Solomon, Chair, Independent Hospital Pricing Authority and Head, Health Business Unit, Telstra (Australia)
  • Dr Tony Sherbon, (former) Chief Executive Officer, Independent Hospital Pricing Authority (Australia)
  • James Downie, (then) Executive Director, Activity Based Funding, Independent Hospital Pricing Authority (Australia)